Sink or swim. 20 sink ideas that will keep your bathroom design afloat

A rough stone sink can provide a very authentic touch, the good thing is that unique, architectural stone pieces aren’t only reserved for an overall farmhouse or country side interiors.005-copy120415_lelouvre_0139_z-copy

They look just as beautiful when they’re set in the midst of contemporary or modern environment.  10_0-copy

The marble sink is almost a must have for any designer or architect trying to pull in authentic elements of the past.

The unique textures, the veins of this natural stone and all the marks that nature has left on it are a great source of inspiration for modern designers.a9r91e9-copy

Weathered or roughly finished, a natural stone sink will have an upper hand over regular ceramic or enameled sinks.egan-edc-04-14-8-xln-xln-copy

Another interpretation on stone sinks is the peculiar case of the Italian ‘la vatore’ or the small washbasin sink that is commonly seen in many Italian or French farmhouses of the 18th century. In recent years, this mini washbasin limestone sink has been featured in countless national shelters magazines and were adopted by top architects and designers globally and locally.paul-brant-williger_malibu-residence_5-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-1280-1792-copy

At we’ve gone the extra mile to secure one of the world’s most expansive collection of marble and limestone sinks.lav3m-copysink-10bscreenshot-2016-02-20-01m57_visite_poste_sdb_lavabo_gs-copy

Our trove of eclectic stone sinks keeps on growing year after year. We now house more than a thousand sinks ready to be retro fitted and shipped to our global clientele.lavabo-per-est-garden-house-lazzerini-209799-rel650de451-copymondo-convenienza-mobiletti-bagno-copy

Another interesting fact that is noteworthy of mentioning is that our sinks are guaranteed for life, or at least as long as our clients own their home.img_1730-copy

Since we source nothing but the highest quality marble and limestone sinks, we’re very confident that the pieces we sell can withstand the highest levels of abuse such as the ware and tare encored in high volume restaurants.6a1508b8f36f0f5068160407fe9c0ed6-copylavabo-per-est-garden-house-lazzerini-209799-relb57a1c63-copy


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